Steph Joyce is an artist, organizer and poetic practitioner, gathering moss and sewing soft places to land. At the moment, they’re attending to the basics while tracing embodiments of desire, hope and grief in relation to eels, unknowability, and conviviality.

In general, their practice tends towards gatherings and site-responsive installations with performative, video, and sculptural elements. Thinking-with embodied research methods, theories of affect and collective practices is important to them.

With Tres Zwerschke, they co-host ↝ Catwings, an initiative for relational, situational and performative art and research. Currently, Catwings is working towards the good enough host, a research project started within the framework of ↝ the School of Commons, and facilitating the collective autonomy reading group with ↝ Cittipunkt in Berlin. 

Steph is part of the ↝ Graduate School for Moving Image at the Kunsthochschule in Kassel, a post-masters program for artistic research, and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig and at the Athens School of Fine Arts. Before this, they apprenticed on a community supported agriculture farm and with a herbalist in rural North America. 

↝ Link to PDF CV/Portfolio

stephaniejoyce4rlz (at)